Online Gaming: Need Of Statutory Framework

Jan 16, 2019 By Admin

Online Gaming has become the source of recreational activities virtually that engage some sort of skill of the player, which may be physical strength or mental capabilities. Created for our entertainment the rules and conditions of play may vary for each game. In order to increase the thrill in the game, they may be played for real money and at this very stage they are often confused with gambling activities. With ever increasing complexities in the Online Gaming Sector, the debate is getting hotter over the need of some sort of legal framework in this sector.

There is an increasing demand of Statutory Framework in the largely unorganised Online Gaming Sector. This in demand to keep track of suspicious betting activities, study patterns and to have some control over the money flow, to curb the generation of black money while some other issues remain unaddressed.

The matter was also raised in the Parliament of India recently with lawmakers raising the issue that there is an urgent need to have a statutory framework with government oversight to ensure service providers are following the license conditions and the urgent need of a regulatory body. While our government has been pro-active in bringing statutory framework for Online Marketplace and Online Education lately now it remains to be seen that what’s the move of the government over the increasing demand of a Framework in Online Gaming Sector.

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