Aadhar Ecosystem: Linking Pan With Aadhar

Mar 12, 2019 By Admin

In the existing Aadhar ecosystem now comes mandatory linking of Aadhar with PAN(Permanent Account Number). In case you haven’t got your Aadhar Card linked with your PAN as of yet, you won’t receive IT Refunds. In order to receive IT Refunds it’s mandatory to link your Aadhar Card with PAN by March 31st, 2019.

The IT Department released a public advisory making it clear that linking Aadhar with PAN is mandatory for getting refunds directly one’s bank account. It further said that it would only issue refunds via e-mode into bank accounts of taxpayers. The move also got backing of the Apex Court which has allowed linking of Aadhar Card with PAN while reading out its verdict on the constitutional validity of Aadhaar.

There has been long debate regarding the constitutional validity of Aadhar and the safety of Aadhar database. This debate has been surrounding the Aadhar Ecosystem ever since think tanks moved to apex court worrying about the validity and safety of Aadhar biometrics. Many questioned the validity of Aadhar biometrics while some argued that so much power can’t be invested in the Central Government of India which can be misused if falls in the wrong hands and lastly the safety of Aadhar Database.

Security of Aadhar database has been in question since the very inception of this project. There have been multiple instances of data leaks on various news channels and websites. Even the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India has questioned the Safety of Aadhar Biometrics to which the Government of India has assured the Hon’ble Court that the database is very much secure till date and they are adding up security protocols on regular basis to keep in check any security threat. Thus now the Aadhar Biometrics Ecosystem comes into full-fledged implementation with effect from March 31st, 2019. Those of you who don’t know how to link Aadhar with PAN, please read below for successful linking of Aadhar with PAN.

How to link Pan-Aadhaar :

Via Internet: An individual can submit a request to link Aadhaar number with PAN while filing ITR online (e-filing). The link for e-filing is available on the websites of NSDL (tin-nsdl.com) and UTIITSL (utiitsl.com), as well as the income tax e-filing portal.

Via SMS: A user can also link PAN with Aadhaar number through an SMS facility. According to I-T department’s website, the user is required to send an SMS to 567678 or 56161 in the following format: UIDPAN <12-digit Aadhaar> <10-digit PAN>

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