E-assessment: ‘faceless’ Tax Filing

Sep 14, 2019 By Admin

As announced by Hon’ble Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman in her Budget speech, the income tax department has started e-assessment of Income Tax Returns(ITR). The Government of India has now notified the e-assessment scheme, 2019, on Friday to facilitate ‘faceless assessment’. Now all your income tax returns would be assessed and scrutinized in complete electronic mode without any human interface.

The move is supposed to reduce personal contact between taxpayer and tax authorities during scrutiny assessment, appeal process though would still involve personal representation. There will be National e-assessment Centre to facilitate the conduct of e-assessment proceedings in a centralized manner, which shall be vested with the jurisdiction to make assessment in accordance with the scheme.

Further, there will be Regional e-Assessment Centers, which shall be vested with the jurisdiction to make assessment in accordance with the provisions of this scheme. The scheme states that all communications between the National e-assessment Centre and the assessee, or his authorized representative, shall be exchanged exclusively by electronic mode.

All communication among different centers with respect to the information or documents or evidence or any other details, as may be necessary for the purpose of making an assessment under this scheme shall be through the National e-assessment Centre.

The assessment under this scheme shall be made as per the following procedure:
1. The National e-Assessment Centre shall serve a notice on the assessee under the sub-section (2) of section 143, specifying issues for selection of his case for assessment.
2. The assessee may, within 15 days from the date of receipt of notice, file his response to the National e-Assessment Centre.
3. The National e-Assessment Centre shall assign the case selected to a specific assessment unit any one Regional e-Assessment Centre through an automated allocation system.
4. The assessment unit may, while making draft assessment order, provide details of the penalty proceeding to be initiated therein if any.
5. The National e-Assessment Centre shall examine the draft assessment order and decide the further course of action.

Therefore, from now onwards, there will not be any personal appearance in the Income Tax Offices by the taxpayers.

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