Cloud Kitchen: From Cloud Computing To Cloud Kitchen

Feb 21, 2019 By Admin

“Cloud kitchen” is a new concept in restaurants, its mini-kitchen that only caters to online food delivery orders. No dine-in and no customer take-out either, just online order delivery.

A recent trend beginning to take hold, cloud kitchens are emerging to economically meet the growth in online food ordering.

With more people ordering online delivery, and fewer going out to eat, many restaurants in India struggle to stay above water, especially given the high costs associated with the traditional restaurant model like premium property rental and wait staff.

Several restaurant chains in India have shut down their traditional restaurants in recent past and are transitioning to cloud kitchen operations because cloud kitchens do not serve customers on-premise, there are huge savings in renting in non-premium locations, and a cloud kitchen can function in just around 300 sq ft of space, much less than a restaurant that needs to accommodate dining space.


1. Walk in, walk out, no commitments
2. Shared resources
3. Easy inventory management

Popular belief is that a cloud kitchen is any restaurant that operates just from its kitchen, has no dine-in or takeaway place physically and thrives on home deliveries. While this is true, this image is incomplete. The business model of a cloud kitchen is very different from what we hold in popular belief.

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