Aadhar Updation: Limited Updates Only

Nov 12, 2019 By Admin

Thinking of updating your details in Aadhaar Card? Think twice before filing for the changes, you have to be sure what you want to update and if you can actually update it or not. As per the new norms laid by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) restriction has been laid on the number of times an individual can make updation of name, gender and date of birth in Aadhaar. Therefore the scope of updating of details in Aadhar now lies limited.

The number of times the details can be updated is very less but if the updation of Name, Gender or Date of Birth in the Aadhaar card goes beyond the mandated number of times then it can be updated only by visit the regional office of the UIDAI. The individual would file the request physically and the individual will be required to send a request to accept the update made at the enrolment center, via email or post, to the regional office of the UIDAI. The individual is required to explain why such request should be accepted.

The new guidelines laid by the UIDAI for updating the details in the Aadhar Card are as follows:

1. Name: According to UIDAI's office memorandum, an Aadhaar cardholder can now update his/her name in the Aadhaar card only twice.

2. Date of Birth: UIDAI has restricted the number of times Date of Birth can be updated in the Aadhaar card -- you can only do it once. The rules regarding updating of Date of Birth have been further tightened. The change in Date of Birth will be allowed to the maximum range of plus or minus three years of the Date of Birth recorded during Aadhaar enrolment.

3. Gender: The UIDAI office memorandum puts the restriction on the number of times gender details can be updated in the Aadhaar card. According to the memorandum, gender details can be updated only once.

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