Chatbots: Artificial Intelligence

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A bot is any software that performs an automated task; a Chatbot is artificial intelligence software that can have a conversation with a human.

Chatbot is humans interacting with the software usually on a website or within another software i.e. Apps. Chatbots can have advantages over human as they are available 24/7 and they have access to a very broad array of information and functionality. They can also outperform humans in terms of the speed and accuracy.

There are two different tasks at the core of a chatbot, user request analysis and returning the response. In user request analysis, user’s request is analyzed to identify the user intent and to extract relevant entities. Returning a response generally include a text from the bot to the queries asked once the user’s intent has been identified, the chatbot must provide the most appropriate response for the user’s request.

Depending upon the interaction ability and usage of the Chatbots, they can be of three types of Chatbots namely Scripted, Intelligent and Application Chatbots. Scripted are those Chatbots that follow predetermined paths and have limited scope where as intelligent chatbots are smarter and flexible in terms of user input that they can accept. Artificial intelligence allows them to improve the more that they are used. Application Chatbots are dedicated chatbots that can be used within predefined space for dedicated purposes.

Chatbots can be used in many different ways; it is actually possible to come up with a chatbot use case for every single business or industry. The following are some examples of chatbot applications out of the infinite possibilities:

• A very basic use of the chatbot is an pop-up application form which can be used to get user information and can be sent to the vendor’s mobile or email address.
• A takeaway restaurant allowing customers to order from a chatbot through a graphical interface.
• A sit down restaurant allowing customers to order food from their table using a chatbot.
• A retail store offering promotions for customers in the shopping mall via the chatbot.
• A chatbot that helps customers make ecommerce purchases.
• A chatbot that answers customer services questions and provides help with different tasks.
• A chatbot that monitors employees or customer’s satisfaction.
• A chatbot that allows customers to book flights and receive relevant information when they are in the airport.

All the above examples of chatbots could allow human agents to get involved in the conversation if necessary, perhaps as a premium service but with limitation of specific applications only where it can be used.

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